. Hardwood .
. Hardwood as a construction material Since earliest recorded times wood has been recognized as a unique building material. Throughout the history of civilization wood has been used in a multiplicity of applications and evidence of these structures survive until today. Even without the modern day help and knowledge of structural calculations some truly amazing and awe-inspiring structures were built, particulary when it comes to bridges. A famous example of this is the bridge over the river Rhine, constructed by Grubenmann. The developement of universally accepted standards and our in-depth knowledge of its properties has enabled us to utilise this building material to its best advantage.

The natural characteristics ot hardwood, utilised in modern wood engineered structures have made lt possible for us to create structures previously unthought of.

The exceptional elasticity modulus and permissible stress of the species we select, combined with a high durability has made it a natural building material of the highest grade which not only can be relied on by way of performance and usefulness but is also a truly green product, nonpolluting and naturally regenerating.

Our company uses Ekki (Bongossi, Azobe) and Ipe (Tabebuia, Lapacho) in the manufacture of bridges. If preferred by our customers we can also use other species as Oak.

All hardwoods offered can be certificated in accordance with the ,,Fields to Forests" program. The purchase of these products contributes directly to the developement of sustainably managed forest resources through the rehabilitation of denuded and degraded forest lands into Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)/Rainforest Alliance certified community owned forests and plantations.